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General Purpose Excavator Buckets


Type General Purpose
Material Steel
Color Yellow
Condition New

Designed for digging and re-handling in low impact, lower abrasion materials such as dirt, loam, top soil, coal, shot limestone, sand, loose clay soils with low wear characteristic and limited rock content. Typically larger General Purpose Buckets are the ideal choice for general digging, loading and other dirt-handling applications Save Time :General Purpose Bucket are designed to move large amounts of low-Abrasion material, perfect for production- loading dirt, loam and a mizture of dirt and five grave. Save Money : Enginered with optimized bucket shape and angles to promote Efficient penetration and material flow, savin you time and more importantly fuels costs. Perfect Match : Use a bucket engineered specifically for your machine to get the best digging and loading results.

Bucket constructed for performance & Durability :

  • Stopper -  Allows for easy correction for wear. Made from High Strength Steel pintos (SAILIAA 350)
  • Lug Plates -  Made from High Strength Steel Plates for better load distribution and durability. (SAIILIA 350 4501)
  • Bend Covers -  Optanized reinforced construction for high and performance matched to the machines power. Made from, High Strength steel plates. (SAILMA 350)
  • Side Plates -  Pre-drilled to acid side plate protection.. Made frorn high Strength steel plates 'SARNIA 350 or High Abrasive Resistant 400 MIN AR plates.
  • Side cutters & Side Plate Protectors -  Forged from Steel that maintain hardness for protection & Penetration
  • Tooth Points -  Forged from High Manganese Steel with propetties that maintain hardness for long wear Me in tough applications.
  • Lip Plate -  Straight or "spade" depending on applications. Made from Very High Tensile Strength steel plates (Walten 7801) or High Abrasive Resistant 400 BHN AR plates.
  • Gussets -  For Maximtrn Rigidity made from High strength steel plates. (ISAILMA 3501 )
  • Half Round -  Made from High Strength Steel Plates. (SAILMA 3501)
  • Belly -  Made from high Strength Steel pleas (SAILMA 350)
  • Horizontal Bottom Wear Plates -  Protects wrapper area and reinforces bucket lor greater strength and rigidity. Easily replaced Made from High Abrasive Resistant 400 BFIN AR plates.
  • Tooth Adapters -  Welded Froged Steel
  • Side Wear Plates -  SIle plates meetup with bottom wear plates for seamless corner protection. Made frorn high Abrasive Resistant 400 MIN AR plates
  • Lift Eye (Optional) -  For easy shackle matching (SAILMA 350)

Features :

  • Made to Last
  • Buckets are designed and built guaranteeing quality and durability.
  • High strength tempered steel provides durability without requiring thick, heavy plates and gives longer life and larger payloads.
  • Buckets have upto 50% more wear life when compared to popular competitors.
  • Buckets offer optimal load distribution when they attach to the machines.
  • The shape of Bucket is designed with optimal wear, increased load-ability, and reduced maintenance as main considerations.


  • Hydraulic Excavators are the industry standard for construction, performance, power and versatility. Our Excavator Buckets match the machine to the job and provide the best possible performance in your particular application.
  • Whether quarry, construction site or landscaping Garg Buckets focus the full power and performance of the machine on the task at hand and efficiently complete the task.
  • Customer.pleasing performance is at the heart of each bucket model. A wide range of standard and specialized excavator bucket are available with solution for digging, excavating, loading and finishing.

Choosing the Right Durability : Choosing the wrong bucket can easily reduce production, and increase operating cost by 10.20% or more. It can also cause unnecessary wear and fatigue for both machine and bucket. Contact our Representative for more detailed information on choosing the right excavator Bucket for your excavator and work Tool attachment combinations to meet your application needs

Material Color Code :

  • 120 BHN High Strength micro alloyed quenched & tempered Steel
  • 350-450 Mpa yield Strength SAILMA 350, SAILMA 450 , ST-52.3
  • 280 BHN High Strength, high tensile, quenched & tempered steel -  600-700 Mpa yield Strength WELTEN 780, HITEN 780
  • 400 Brinlell, High Strength, abrasion resistant steel -  1000-1100 Mps yield strength, 3 times more wear resistant than mild steel plates

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TATA Hitachi Capicity CUM Type
TMX 20 0.04-0.12 GP/HD
Ex 70 0.1-0.35 GP/HD
Ex 100 0.65 GP/HD
Ex 200 LC 0.91 GP/HD/HR
Ex 210 LCH-V 1 GP/HD/HR
Ex350 LCH-V SUPER 1.3-1.9 GP/HD/HR
ZAXIX 50U-2 0.15 GP/HD
ZAXIX 70 0.19 GP/HD
ZAXIX 100 0.13.-0.33 GP/HD/HR
ZAXIX 120H 0.19-0.5 GP/HD/HR
ZAXIX 200LC 0.51-1.2 GP/HD/HR
ZAXIX 210LCH 0.8-1.1 GP/HD/HR
ZAXIX 270 LC-3 HY 1.4 GP/HD/HR
ZAXIX 330 LC 1.15-1.86 GP/HD/HR
ZAXIX 330 LCH 1.3-2.1 GP/HD/HR
ZAXIX 400 LCH-3 1.6-2.0 GP/HD/HR
ZAXIX 450 H 1.89-3.0 GP/HD/HR
L& T Komatsu Capicity CUM Type
L & T 72 0.65 GP/HD
L & T 90-3 0.9 GP/HD/HR
L & T 180 1.6 GP/HD/HR
L & T Komatsu Pc71 0.09-0.34 GP/HD/HR
L & T Komatsu Pc130-7 0.25-0.8 GP/HD/HR
L & T Komatsu Pc200-6 0.5-1.17 GP/HD/HR
L & T Komatsu Pc300LC-7 0.52-1.4 GP/HD/HR
L & T Komatsu Pc130-7 0.52-1.4 GP/HD/HR
L & T Komatsu Pc450 1.89-3.0 GP/HD/HR
Volvo Capicity CUM Type
EC140B 0.65-1.08 GP/HD
EC210B 0.75-1.55 GP/HD/HR
EC240B 1.05-1.98 GP/HD/HR
EC290B 0.95-2.1 GP/HD/HR
EC360B 1.35-3.0 GP/HD/HR
EC460B 1.8-3.73 GP/HD/HR
BL61 Plus   GP/HD
BL71 Plus   GP/HD
JCB Capicity CUM Type
Js 140 0.35-0.7 GP/HD/HR
Js 200 0.51-1.2 GP/HD/HR
Js 210 LC 0.8-1.1 GP/HD/HR
Js 211 0.8-1.3 GP/HD/HR
3DX Super   GP/HD
Caterpillar Capicity CUM Type
311C 0.19-0.5 GP/HD/HR
312D/312DL 0.35-0.7 GP/HD/HR
315L 0.35-0.7 GP/HD/HR
320D/320DL 0.51-1.2 GP/HD/HR
324DL 0.8-1.1 GP/HD/HR
329D/329DL 1.15-1.86 GP/HD/HR
336D/336DL 1.3-2.1 GP/HD/HR
345D/345DL 1.62-3.0 GP/HD/HR

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