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Gargs Engineers Limited

Excavator Buckets

General Purpose Excavator Buckets

Designed for digging and re-handling in low impact, lower abrasion materials such as dirt, loam, top soil, coal, shot limestone, sand, loose clay soils with low wear characteristic and limited rock content. Typically larger General Purpose Buckets are the ideal choice for general digging, loading and other dirt-handling applications Save Time


Heavy Duty Excavator Buckets

Intended for Productive Digging in compact materials like loose or blasted rock, hard packed clay and stone. For a wide range of impact & abrasion conditions including mixed dirt, gravel, ripped basalt, caliche, shot granite, high silica sand, sharp rock and other dense materials. Heavy Duty Buckets are recommended as starting point for


Extreme Duty Excavator Buckets

Recommended for very high abrasion and impact conditions such as well shot granite & caliche including high quartzite granite and ores. Extreme Duly bucket are armored with extra protection from abrasion and gouging wear. Side wear plates are about 40% larger then HD Bucket for added protection Against abrasion and gouging wear. Bottom wear